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Child Behavior and Learning Support Services

Inspiring a child's best from the inside out!

All of Me Counts provides resources and services for kids, parents, educators, and organizations to help kids access their best, now and into the future.
We use an "inside-out" approach that addresses the root of behavior and learning challenges for long-term well-being and success. Watch this short video to learn more!
Services include (online and in-person):
  • Individualized plans for kids and families
  • Consultations and coaching for parents, educators and organizations
  • Workshops, speaking, online courses and resources
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Get started now by joining our free online community!



Join Our Free Online Community

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Ask questions, engage in thought-provoking conversations, connect with like-minded parents and educators, and access practical resources... all at no cost!



Access Our Free Online Course

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Discover the unseen influence that powerfully drives a child's behavior, and potential. Gain deep insight into the root of most behavior and learning challenges.


Book a Free Consultation

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Find out more about how we can best support your family or organization. Learn more about our approach and the services we offer.

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