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Let's Acknowledge What's Not Working For Kids

Are you frustrated with the countless programs and strategies for kids that only address challenges on the surface and in the short-term?

Have you noticed that most of what we do to motivate kids to be their best, rarely leads to that best coming from within?

Most approaches tend to focus on managing a child's external experience. Overtime, this diminishes their internal drive, and makes them reliant on us to motivate positive action.

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What Makes All of Me Counts Different?

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All of Me Counts was founded in response to this common frustration. We offer a simple shift that makes it easy to uncover and address what's at the root a child's behavior and/or learning challenges for LONG-TERM well-being and success that is inspired from WITHIN.


Our unique approach is focused creating the internal conditions that lead to positive behaviors, healthy relationships, and optimal learning. This is not yet another program or strategy! It is a powerful paradigm shift from an "outside-in" to an "inside-out" approach to parenting and educating kids. 

What is an "Inside-Out" Approach?

This "inside-out" approach is based on the simple premise that what a child is experiencing on the outside is a reflection of what is going on inside. 

Every child has their own unique "Theory of the World" that determines how they perceive and respond to every experience. It powerfully impacts their behavior, motivation, relationships, and learning potential. When we can uncover a child's theory of the world, we can more easily resolve behavior and learning challenges at the root for lasting results. 

Unfortunately, most parenting and teaching approaches use an "outside-in" approach. They evaluate the problem through the lens of the adult and focus on putting the external conditions in place to motivate positive behaviors and improve performance. 

"If we want to know 

how to truly support a child, we need to learn to see the world through their eyes."

When we respond only to what's presenting on the surface, our response will likely only be a short-term fix that may further aggravate what's going on within. This creates the exhausting cycle of managing the moment, relying on coping strategies, and/or avoiding triggers, but never resolving challenges over the long-term.

To learn more, register for our free online course "A Child's Theory of the World: The Key to Bringing Out the Best from Within" 

About the Founder

Sheila Sims

Teacher and Founder

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Ask questions, access resources and engage with like-minded parents and educators by joining the "All of Me Counts" online community.

Sheila Sims is a certified teacher with 18 years of experience. After years of endlessly seeking better strategies to help her students, she noticed that most of these popular methods for "managing" behavior and improving learning were not leading to long-term success and positive action inspired from within.


Over the last decade, Sheila has explored the underlying factors that drive human behavior and learning that often go unnoticed. She developed a simple process for uncovering a child's "Theory of the World" to provide deep insight into what is at the root of the challenges a child is experiencing.

From there, she guides parents, educators and childcare workers on how to use this deep understanding to address challenges from the inside-out and help kids shape a healthy theory of the world that will support their long-term well-being and highest potential.

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