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We are passionate about helping kids access their best from within and committed to guiding parents, educators, caregivers and organizations towards achieving this with ease.

Our mission is to shift the paradigm for raising and educating kids from an outside-in to an inside-out approach. Why? Because we believe that long-term well-being and success comes from developing a strong internal foundation early in life.

If you are ...

  • a parent seeking to improve your child's behavior or learning ability in a way that helps reduce family stress

  • an educator/childcare worker wanting to up-level your impact on the kids in your care

  • a leader or advocate inspired to bring positive change to a system or organization that supports kids's how we can help you!

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Join Our Free Online Community

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Ask questions, engage in thought-provoking conversations, connect with like-minded parents and educators, and access practical resources... all at no cost!



Access Our Free Online Course

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Discover the unseen influence that powerfully drives a child's behavior, and potential. Gain deep insight into the root of most behavior and learning challenges.


Book a Free Call

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Find out more about how we can best support your family or organization. Learn more about our approach and the services we offer.


Individualized Plans for Kids

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  • Uncover the root of behavior or learning challenges

  • Receive an individualized plan tailored to your child's needs and interests that can be easily integrated into family life

  • Ongoing support for parents and children (in-person, by phone, or via zoom)


Book a free phone consultation so we can discuss  your child's needs and explain the process to see if this is a right fit for your family.

Parent Coaching

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  • Let go of guilt and pressure and bring more joy and ease into the parenting experience

  • Gain deep insight into what may be underlying parenting challenges

  • Get clear on your intentions so you can focus on what's most important for your child

  • Re-evaluate your beliefs and discover how to bring the real you to parenting

  • Explore family dynamics and learn how to navigate different parenting styles

Online Learning

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  • Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home

  • Ask the instructor questions and engage with other parents in the community

  • Access practical resources (articles, videos, practical strategies, printable tools, etc.)

  • Apply ideas and concepts to the unique needs and circumstances of your family

  • Lifetime access to course materials


Workshops and Speaking

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​In-person workshops and talks on how to raise and educate kids from the inside out. Topics include...

  • Self-Motivated Kids: Inspiring the Best from the Inside Out

  • Helping Kids Shape a Healthy Theory of the World

  • Raising Kids from the Inside- Out in the "Real World"

  • And more!


Fill in the contact form provided with a brief description of your organization, your interests and your needs and we will suggest the topic and format that might work best and provide addition details.


Consultations and Mentoring

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We'd like to help you bring an inside-out approach to your school or organization. We offer...

  • Consultations for administrators to help create a practical plan for your organization that supports your mission

  • Mentoring for staff to help make an inside-out approach applicable to everyday challenges

Book a free consultation (phone or zoom) to discuss the unique needs of your organization.

Online Community and Training

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Bring an inside-out approach to your organization online. We can help you do this by...

  • Creating and facilitating an online community for your organization for learning, discussion and easy access to resources

  • Online training for staff tailored to the needs of your organization


Book a free consultation (phone or zoom) to discuss the unique needs of your organization.

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